Equipment Checklist For Beginners Shooting Their Own Video

Sometimes you won’t have a budget to hire the pros so here is a checklist of creating some awesome content yourself! It’s not difficult you just need the know-how.


First thing you will needs is your camera. You can choose either your phone camera or any other DSLR video camera. The camera should be mounted on a tripod stand if you want to make steady films. If you are looking to purchase a DSLR we recommend a camera with great autofocus and a flip screen monitor. Oh yeah, shoot in 4k, most likely your phone can do this!


While shooting your video, you should have proper lighting; the lighting may be artificial or natural light from the sun during the day. For an excellent video to be shot, adequate lighting is required. If your looking to purchase, we recommend a ring light for beginners.


A video with bad audio will not get watched. We suggest purchasing a shotgun microphone or lavalier mic to ensure crispy audio. This might be the most important.

Editing Software

Making sure your video is properly edit with seamless transitions, titles, call-to-actions & more will establish you as professional rather than a newbie. If you are looking for a free alternative most people use Imovie. We recommend that you send it off to a professional editor, what this will do is save you time from editing and allow you to film more.

A Plan

Dodn’t just go off the cuff filming your video you will waste time, trust us. Think about curating a script, budget, setting up your film location, a call-to-action(s), and, distribution plan.

When it comes to recording a video that people find valuable, preparation is needed for you to shoot a video people will watch. Entrepreneurs usually give up on creating content because they lack the structure of doing so. For your session to be successful all you need to do is this checklist.

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