C3 Level Up Career Planners

Atlanta, GA – Most of us have a lot on our plates, so we need to prioritize the most important things. C3 Career Consulting has developed a planner that will help anyone achieve success in their career. We’ve had a conversation with the Founder & Owner Christina Edwards about the planners and her business check out her interview below.

What inspired your company to create these planners?

“I created the C3 Level Up Career Planners a year after hosting the “C3 2020 Vision Conference” that inspired attendees to set clear career goals for their future. As part of a continuation of that event, I wanted to provide a tangible product that allowed my clients to take their lives and careers to the next level. I know that every year, we often purchase fancy blank planners that provide our community with no guidance on how to achieve success. The C3 Level Up Career Planner is designed to be a one stop shop for all planning needs with career-based content that will motivate and challenge clients to maximize their career potential. The planner includes 26 career topics, 26 mental health/career check-ins, monthly motivational word definitions, weekly inspirational quotes, weekly bible verses, prayer request trackers, workout trackers, water intake trackers, and bill/expense sections to address all important areas of our lives that need the most structure. Instead of clients having multiple notebooks and planners for each aspect of their life, the C3 Level Up Career Planner was uniquely designed to cover it all!”

Where did you get the idea for this company?

“I created C3 Career Consulting, LLC because I did not see enough women and people of color in professional spaces and I wanted to change that. My goal with this business is to utilize my Human Resources expertise to provide low-income underrepresented groups with the tools and resources needed to maximize their career potential at a fraction of the price of what other career consultants charge. The creation of the C3 Level Up Career Planner is another way to help my community advance in their careers by teaching clients how to successfully set, track, and achieve their professional goals all year long!”

What problem are you trying to solve?

“Mental health has such a negative stigma in the BIPOC community, and I felt that there were very little resources out there that provided career advancement guidance, while also allowing you to express your thoughts, feelings, and emotions during your journey to success. The C3 Level Up Career Planner not only has topics that talk about career advancement, but it also contains weekly inspirational quotes, monthly motivational words, and bi-weekly mental health check-ins, to remind our community that your overall wellbeing should be prioritized before any next dream job. I also included bible verses and prayer request sections so clients could incorporate God in every step of their career, allowing them to stay focused mentally and spiritually during their journey to professional advancement. By integrating all of these aspects of the C3 Level Up Career Planner, I truly believe it will be a game changer in setting the bar for how we goal track for years to come!”

The planner contains:

✅ 26 Career-based Topics

✅ 26 Mental Health / Career Check-ins

✅ Monthly Motivational Definitions

✅ Weekly Inspirational Quotes

✅ Weekly Bible Verses (Christian Edition)

✅ Prayer Tracker (Christian Edition)

✅ Workout Tracker

✅ Water Intake Tracker

✅ Bill / Expense Section

Visit their website: https://www.c3careerconsulting.com/

Purchase a C3 Level Up Career Planner: https://www.c3careerconsulting.com/c3-level-up-career-planner/c3-level-up-career-planner

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