What To Wear For A Testimonial Video Shoot

Picking an outfit for a video shoot can be stressful since you know the video will be sticking around for a while. The most important thing when choosing what to wear for a testimonial video shoot is to choose attire that is fitted to your body type. Think about what your brand stands for, and then ask yourself if this outfit truly encapsulates that identity. Is your brand more professional and clean-cut, or fun and offbeat? Traditional, or up-to-the-minute trendy? You’ll want to avoid wearing clothing with other people’s labels and logos on them, because you want to present your personal brand, rather than other businesses.

In general, these are the tips we give to clients when preparing for their shoot:

  • Long sleeves, trousers and knee-legnth skirts are recommended, as exposed skin draws the eyes away from the face.
  • Be sure to put together an outfit that reinforces what you and your brand represent.
  • Choose clothes that suit your skin tone.
  • Select colors that contrast with that backdrop so that you aren’t washed out or hard to see.
  • Avoid choosing an outfit that’s all white, unless you happen to be a doctor wearing a lab coat- it can make the exposure tricky to properly adjust.
  • Blues, browns, greens or earth tones look best on camera.
  • When choosing accessories, make choices that compliment your outfit without grabbing too much attention from your audience.
  • Try to avoid strong patterns or prints, as they will distract the viewer.
  • Unless you are involved in outdoors work, smart-casual clothing is probably best. Wear something you will be comfortable in, and does not restrict your movements.
  • Small amount of foundation is advisable for both males and females, as it helps even out skin tones but not neccesary.

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