Warrick Dunn Charities Home Celebration #202 Snellville, GA

Please help us welcome Yury, Christopher, Nicole, and Thiago to the Homes for the Holidays family, Home #202 for the Charity! Homeownership has long been a goal for Yury. She is so excited to accomplish her goal of providing a stable home for her family to thrive in by purchasing her first home through @habitatgwinnett ! Warrick Dunn Charities, Inc. is honored to be a part of Yury’s journey towards homeownership, and thanks to the generous support from our corporate and community partners @thejume, @capitalcityhomeloans, and @aarons, we were able to provide the family with $5,000 in down payment assistance, fully furnish the home, and stock the refrigerator and pantry full of food and supplies! Congratulations Yury, Christopher, Nicole, and Thiago, on the purchase of your first home. We wish you many years of happiness and blessings! From the WDC family to yours, welcome home!


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